Sexy Shorts: Master Debater

1 Jan

In the bar, I held my cold beer and watched from a distance as some stranger tried to pick up Lo.  A smile ran across my beer-froth-covered lips as I saw her sitting on the barstool in her tight dress looking delectable with her curves in all the right places.

Earlier that night Lo and I had met up with the doppelgangers, Lilly and Jim, for the first Presidential Debate.  None of us were up to the task of hosting, so we decided to enjoy the political poppycock in a public forum.  We found the smallest, saddest, scuzziest dive-bar we could and went in there hoping for a subdued crowd of barflies.  We got what we came for and the little old man tending bar was more than accommodating to us.  Not only did he turn on the debate, but he had no objection to turning up the volume when a crowd of boisterous twenty-somethings filtered in (after being thrown out of some other place, no doubt).

When we arrived, Jim sat to the left, then Lilly to his right, and then Lo.  I stood behind the three of them because I wanted to both hear the TV and also be able to hear everyone’s conversation.  But that had the unintended, yet most welcome, consequence of making it look like Lo was unattached.

A middle-aged man in a flannel shirt came into the bar.  I saw him glance over all the possibilities before he sat on the stool next to Lo and ordered a beer.  Within mere moments he was talking with her – asking her what he had missed of the debate and soliciting her opinion about the opponents.  At first, Lo was rebuffing his advances.  I could tell by her body language.  She repeatedly turned her back to him and tried to talk with the doppelgangers.  But, by his second beer and repeated conversation starters, I could see that she was beginning to let her guard down.  At one point she looked over her shoulder at me and, no doubt, saw my devilish grin.  She responded with a mischievous, seductive look in her eyes, as if saying to me, “I’m going to leave this bar with you and fuck you later, but first I’m going to make you good and hard by flirting with this guy next to me.”

If that was her plan, she performed it to a tee.

Since Jim and Lilly have no inkling about Lo’s secret hotwife-life, when the guy at the bar got up to use the Loo, Lo took that opportunity to say to them, “I just realized, with HH standing back there and me here, it looks like I’m a third wheel!  Like I’m single!”  She said it as if it were astonishing, but I knew it was all an act.  She added, “I think I’ll have some fun with this.”

When the man returned to his barstool, Lo turned to him, tossing her hair with her hand, and began a deep, heated conversation.  I could only hear snippets of their words because they were talking in the hushed tones of an intimate exchange; no longer the public commentary on the debate.

Lo opened the conversation with, “So, are you married?”

“No, divorced,” I heard him respond and then he went on to explain for a while, much of which I didn’t catch.

Lo nodded her head and looked deep into his eyes, feigning empathy.  At one point she put her hand on his and said, “Oh, you poor thing.”

Soon he was inching his stool closer to Lo’s and put his hand on her back and rubbed it up and down a bit.  Lo leaned into it and made him feel comfortable doing it.  She was flirting with her eyes and tongue.

I was rock hard in my pants as I pretended to be a bystander watching the debate, but I was actually watching the two of them very closely.

They talked and talked as the debate went on and on.  Finally, when everyone stood up to leave, Lo introduced the man to Jim and Lilly and then turned to me and said, “And this is my boyfriend, HH.  HH, meet So-and-So.”  I didn’t catch his name because I was too enthralled by Lo’s dramatic flair for bringing her flirtations to an end.  I extended my hand and shook his and then Lo and I left the bar, arm-in-arm, with the doppelgangers.  When we were outside, we all had a pretty good laugh about it.

Back at home, Lo and I had a very good tryst in bed, as I told her what a bad girl she was and she repeatedly teased me with what a slut she is and the various things she would do with the guy from the bar.  She admitted to me that the only reason she didn’t bring him home was because we were out with the doppelgangers and she didn’t want to take the chance of frightening them off.  Let them find out more about us, little-by-little, first.  She’s a wicked one.

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  1. Vista January 1, 2018 at 4:44 pm #

    Such a FUN night out! Much better drama than what was on TV. 😉

    ~ Vista

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