9 Best Sites For Free Erotica

6 Oct

We want to send a very BIG THANK YOU to Emma McGowan for including us on her short list of 9 Best Sites for Free Erotica, Because Porn Doesn’t Cut It For Some of Us!!!!

Lo and I were away for a long weekend (new steamy stories will be posted at a later date) and when we got back we found, to our great surprise, a spike in our daily hits.  When looking over the stats, we discovered why – because we were in this article from Bustle.com.

We had not heard of Bustle before, but we sure will be checking it out.

We also want to congratulate the other great blogs listed – some of whom we’ve followed for years.  Congrats to:

Girl On The Net

Bree Guilford


Greta of Filled and Fooled

In addition to these long-time friends, there are three new authors for us to discover as well as one of Lo’s favorite places for masturbatory indulgences:


Lastly, we would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to vote for us as one of 2015’s Best Sex Blogs over at Kinkly.com  Here’s the link to vote in one simple click!  They say you only have until October 8.

And if you could nominate us for Rori’s Between My Sheets Top Sex Bloggers for 2015 as well, we’d really appreciate it!

Thanks so much.

Below is a pic of Lo getting off to literotica.com.  No, it doesn’t make me jealous to see her jillin’ it to some other person’s words.  No, not at all.  What gives you that idea?

searching for sex

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