“Laid Up” – a Guest Post from Lauren

31 Jul

Today we bring you a hot and steamy story from Lauren.  Please send your well-wishes to her since she’s been recovering in the hospital for a while now, but luckily her boyfriend Aaron knows how to make her feel better.

Thanks Lauren for the guest post!!!

Laid Up

            What do you do when you’re stuck in the hospital for weeks, unable to walk and recovering from a spinal injury and back surgery, with limited feeling in your ass and vagina, yet are incredibly fucking horny?
I had limited feeling to my clit and labia, but inside my vagina, I had enough feelings to get dripping wet when my boyfriend, Aaron, would come and visit me. One night when he came to visit, both of us were ungodly horny, making out so passionately and breathing heavily and feeling the chemistry that has drawn us together since the first day we met.

The nurses were at their stations and, given the hour, wouldn’t be by to check on me until summoned.

I began by licking up his neck and kissing along his jawline as I reached down into his pants and found his hard, pulsing cock. His perfect seven inch thick cock. As I did so, he moaned and I watched as his eyes rolled back into his head.

I kissed, licked, and bit my way up to his ear and flicked my tongue inside, listening to his moans increase in volume. I whispered seductively in his ear, “Please put your cock in my mouth.” Again Aaron moaned and grabbed my hair to pull me back to crush his lips against mine. His tongue pushed and danced against mine and delved deep towards the back of my mouth, making me release my own moan. As he continued to move my lips with his own, he reached down to grab my double D breasts, letting out a gasped breath, saying “Oh, those tits.”

The nurses were away, but the door was ajar and anyone could walk in at any time. The danger of discovery made the stolen kisses and caresses more intense.

Moving his mouth down from mine, he begin kissing and sucking until he found my nipple, where he nibbled oh so gently, but the sensation was strong enough to make me let out a cry of pleasure and arch my back. I could feel my pussy tingle and begin to become wet and ready for him. Aaron caressed my breasts as my moans grew louder. His lips pressed against my ear and he murmured, “You wet, baby?” His hands began to travel down my breast and down my stomach toward my wet pussy. I brought my legs up and spread them open, revealing my tight wet pussy. He quickly slipped his fingers in, letting me know he was as excited as I was.

We both moaned at the sensation and he whispered “I can’t wait to put my cock in, baby.” I moaned at the dirty talk as he began to wiggle his longest finger right on my g-spot. It didn’t take long before I was moaning louder than before and grasping tightly onto his shirt. I know my orgasm was coming. And so did Aaron. As his finger began to fluttered inside of me faster, he started speaking to me in a voice thick with passion: “Cum baby, cum for me. Lauren, fucking cum. Cum all over my fingers, baby. Cum, Lauren, cum.” With all the dirty talk and the increase in motion within me, I came with a loud cry and gasp. I buried my face into his shoulder to try and quiet myself, and stayed there as my breath came in short gasps. Aaron stayed where he was as well, with his one arm wrapped around me, embracing me. The other was still in my soaking wet pussy. He released a quiet moan, and brought his head up to kiss me, whispering, “I love you” into the side of my neck.

I gripped the back of his neck and brought his head up to stare into his eyes to say “I love you too, but now it’s your turn.”
Before he could reply, my mouth came crushing down onto his and I slipped my tongue deep into his mouth as he moaned and pulled me closer. We continued to make out aggressively, with lip biting and sucking, until Aaron pulled back and said “Suck my fucking cock, baby.”

I quickly began to move my hands down to his pants to feel the huge bulge within. My hands fumbled as I undid his belt. His huge cock is still intimidating to me. Aaron helped and slipped his pants down enough for me to fit my hand into his boxers to feel his warm cock. “Oh God, you’re so hard baby,” I murmured, slowly moving my hand up and down his shaft. Aaron moaned again, and I quickened the motion as his member grew bigger and harder. “Please put your cock in my mouth,” I said as I moved to look into his arms.



With a quick tongue kiss, Aaron moved to bring his dick closer to my face. I leaned down and lay on my side and began by licking from the bottom of his shaft all the way to the tip. Then I was deep throating him. Keeping my lips tightly wrapped around his pulsing member, I moved my way up to his tip and began to flick the tip quickly with my tongue, moaning as I did so. Aaron answered my moans with moans of his own, assuring me that he was enjoying himself. He then gasped and grabbed the side of my head to hold me and began thrusting his cock into me. I knew he was close to cumming, so I let him fuck my face quickly.

“Ah, baby, I’m gonna cum!” Aaron said as I grasped and squeezed the base of his shaft for extra pleasure. With a loud sigh, combined with a moan, I felt the warm, saltiness of Aaron’s cum shoot into my mouth. I began to swallow and slowly rub his shaft as Aaron continued to breathe heavily as he came. When he finished and I swallowed the last bit of his cum, I let Aaron’s cock slip out of my mouth. A little cum had slid down my lip, which I quickly licked up as I looked up to see Aaron looking down at me with a smile. Pleasuring him was even more fun than having him pleasure me.

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  1. guy jones July 31, 2014 at 3:19 pm #

    That was hot !!! Would have loved for you two to get interrupted by a big chested horny nurse . Then there could have been two sets of big tits to play with and two hungry mouths to wrap their horny lips around that stiff dripping cock .

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