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I get off to mysexlifewithlola campaign

11 Nov

We were so flattered that Emma McGowan of told the world that is one of the best erotica sites on the net that we thought you too might want to tell us what makes you hard/wet.  Here’s your chance.   This woman (Emma McGowan) gets off to       What do […]

Masturbation Mayehm

8 Nov

  Her legs were spread wide. The sheets were soaked. Her right hand was rhythmically patting her clit as her left reached behind her to hold onto the headboard of the bed. “Oh. My. God!” she said and repeated in time with the powerful thrusts my hips were thumping into her like the pounding bass […]


11 Oct

    “Daddy,” she whispered in my ear as I slid deep inside her. “Yes?” I responded quietly. “Can I tell you something bad?” “I love it when you tell me something bad.” I continued the long, smooth, slow insertions and retractions of my rod: first sinking it far to the back of her wet […]

9 Best Sites For Free Erotica

6 Oct

We want to send a very BIG THANK YOU to Emma McGowan for including us on her short list of “9 Best Sites for Free Erotica, Because Porn Doesn’t Cut It For Some of Us“!!!! Lo and I were away for a long weekend (new steamy stories will be posted at a later date) and […]

Heaven & Hell

24 Aug

            I am sitting at one end of the sectional couch and Lo sits at the other, her black skirt pulled up over her waist, her finger sliding up and down between her silky smooth, shaven pussy lips. The TV screen flickers with the action of the film. The windows to the street are open […]

Edging to the Break of Day

3 Jul

Sitting at the hotel bar watching a couple to my left and being watched by the various solitary strangers to my right, I felt a tingling sensation down by my crotch. No, it was not that I was becoming aroused, it was my phone vibrating – a text from Lo. “I miss you. Come home,” […]

The Bare Essentials

19 Jun

“Hurry up!” she says, looking over her shoulder at me behind her, anticipating my approach. She is naked on the bed, her knees tucked up under her, her arms stretched out in front of her, her ass up in the air. “I am,” I say, as I get on my knees next to the bed. […]

Home Entertainment

26 Apr

“I don’t suppose you feel like doing something?” asked Lo. “It’s the last night we’ll both have free for a while.” “Oh, no,” I answered, “that’s the last thing I feel like doing.” “What is?” “Something.” “Come on,” she said plaintively. “What do you want?” I asked, feigning naiveté. “I want to have fun.” “Where […]

Insatiable Appetite

15 Mar

  The party is in full swing. Music blasting, people dancing, drinks being poured and drunk and spilled. The hosts bring out four or five steaming boxes of pizza and put them down on a long table against the wall. Luckily, I’m standing right next to where they place the pizza. I can smell the […]

Lo Blow

28 Feb

Lo Blow   “What are the three words no woman wants to hear when she’s making love? – ‘Honey, I’m home!’” We were out with some new acquaintances and, sometime into the evening one of our group told this joke. Lo looked at me and I gave her a quick wink that only she saw.  […]

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