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Bad Day at Work

1 Feb

Bad Day at Work     “Daddy, I was bad today,” she said. It was 10:00 pm and I was just getting home from work. I walked into the bedroom in my suit, already tugging at my tie to release its strangle hold on my neck. My entire day, from nine in the morning till […]

The Ex’s and the O’s

30 Jan

The Ex’s and the O’s   As I slowly slid into her very wet pussy, the lips of her mouth parted and she moaned. The moan turned into a question, “You know, Mr. Married Man reached out to me recently?” “No,” I said as I retreated from her puss and let her slide down, hungry […]

Whorin’ & Howlin’

17 Jan

Whorin’ & Howlin’     “Come” said her text. I went in to the bedroom and found her naked on the bed, legs spread. “Come to me,” she whispered, her arms up above her head. I began to get into bed. “No,” she said, “first get naked.” I removed my clothes. “Come here, between my […]

How My Girlfriend Became an Amateur Internet Porn Star

16 Jan

  How My Girlfriend Became an Amateur Internet Porn Star   I don’t know if it was a dream, my vivid imagination, or an actual recollection of something I saw or read one time many years ago. Whatever it was, it stayed with me all these years. As I recall, there was a young couple. […]


7 Dec

Get Lola’s 2016 Calendar before the holidays!!!  Perfect for the bedroom, office (if you work at Playboy), or sock drawer for special occasions.  Twelve months of Lola with stunning full-color photos. Find it here: (Click on photo of Lola looking for her gift under the tree to find your copy!)

Working Girl

6 Dec

Working Girl   “Wow! You’re so sexy,” I said as I caressed her bare leg above her leather boots and below the hem of the short black skirt just before dropping her off in front of her office building.   “I asked you at home if you thought I was dressed too sexy for work!” […]

A Salute to Those Who Serve

5 Dec

A Salute to Those Who Serve   She stood naked next to the bed looking at herself in the mirror. I sat in bed, my laptop above the covers, distracted from my writing by her. She squeezed her tits and boosted them up, looking at the cleavage. She turned around, looked at her ass, standing […]

I get off to mysexlifewithlola campaign

11 Nov

We were so flattered that Emma McGowan of told the world that is one of the best erotica sites on the net that we thought you too might want to tell us what makes you hard/wet.  Here’s your chance.   This woman (Emma McGowan) gets off to       What do […]

Masturbation Mayehm

8 Nov

  Her legs were spread wide. The sheets were soaked. Her right hand was rhythmically patting her clit as her left reached behind her to hold onto the headboard of the bed. “Oh. My. God!” she said and repeated in time with the powerful thrusts my hips were thumping into her like the pounding bass […]


11 Oct

    “Daddy,” she whispered in my ear as I slid deep inside her. “Yes?” I responded quietly. “Can I tell you something bad?” “I love it when you tell me something bad.” I continued the long, smooth, slow insertions and retractions of my rod: first sinking it far to the back of her wet […]

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