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Attention Slut

24 Aug

“No!” she said. “Come on. One,” I pleaded. “I said no,” she repeated firmly. “Please. You look so good.” “No. No more.” This apparent role-reversal was not what you think. (I am assuming what you’re thinking, you naughty reader.) It was not that I was begging Lo for more sex the way she frequently begs […]


15 Aug

Returning home that evening, I found Lo naked on the couch looking at her computer. I assumed she was masturbating to porn. I was wrong. She looked up at me and rather than her usual soft, big brown eyes, I saw the fearsome green eyed monster staring me down. “What?!” I asked immediately. “Winkface?” she […]

Lo’s Lunch Break

1 Aug

  What is it about the forbidden that attracts us so much? What is it about the dark, the dirty, the debauched that tugs us like the gravitational pull of a black hole? The other day Lo surprised me at my office for an impromptu lunch date. I was at my desk conversing with my […]

When Spring Sprung

25 Jul

After a long, cold, difficult winter, it was – finally! – the first nice day of spring. Lo put on her white short shorts and looked out the window (topless), inhaling deeply – taking in everything that glorious day had to offer: the smells, the colors, the light, the promise. “Let’s go for a walk, […]

Morning With the Mrs. (Guest Post)

24 Jul

Dear Readers, The following lovely story of waking up comes from two of our new fans – Hubby and the Mrs. over at .  The pics are theirs too, from the inciting incident.   Well I woke up to the misses moaning so I rolled over and she was reading your blog while she […]

Sex Incarnate

23 Jul

Trigger Warning – Some BDSM and violence It’s not always picture perfect here in paradise. You know, Lo and I sometimes do have our moments. When our relationship was young, boy did we have our doozies! I mean, we got into relationship-testing tempests over the stupidest things – a teapot, a poorly timed joke, a […]

Accidents Don’t Just Happen

20 Jul

  “LO!” I yelled out of frustration. “I’m sorry, Daddy,” she said meekly, closing her legs and rolling off the wet spot on the sheets she had made. “Don’t shame me.” “I’m not shaming you. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, but that’s the third set of sheets we’ve had to change today. No more […]

Jackin’ & Jillin’

18 Jul

“What is it that you are looking for? Who are you looking for?” she asked annoyed. “I’m not looking for anything or anyone. I’m looking to be found,” I answered. Whenever I’m on the internet, surfing here and there aimlessly, she thinks that I’m up to no good – looking for some virtual sex-buddy to […]

Momentary Lapse of Control

13 Jul

“Daddy, come!” she texted. Thinking it was her usual morning booty-call text, I got up with my cup of coffee and sauntered into the bedroom. This was not her usual booty-call. She was on the bed, naked, legs spread, large glass dildo thrust as far as possible deep inside her, plunging rapidly in-and-out-in-and-out until finally […]

Say It

4 Jul

“Come,” was all her text message said. “Too late,” I replied from the living room couch to her in the bedroom. I had been “up” all night caressing her naked body next to me until I finally woke up at my usual pre-dawn hour. Now I was writing on the couch and the writing was […]