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She Is My Slut (And I Love Her)

7 Oct

Waking up in the morning, Lo walks into the living room where I sit on the couch sipping my hot coffee and reading e-mails. She is naked and she curls up next to me. “Morning,” I say. She nuzzles her way in, under the blanket draped over me. “Whatcha doin’?” “Just reading some fan mail […]

Take a Look (if you dare)

30 Sep

Go Ahead – Click on It


27 Sep

Sunday morning. Summer. I love summer Sunday mornings. I always wake up early – the sun is up early and it won’t be like this for long, so I try to make the most of it. Coffee, daybreak, writing, quiet, solitude. A few hours pass and I brew more coffee for Lo. I bring it […]

Do You Have A Favorite Post From ???

18 Sep

Thanks to all of you readers who commented on the Previous Post on our Blogging Community. In the spirit of making the vast array of stars of sex blogging into a constellation, Rori over at Between My Sheets has opened up a Best Sex Blogger Post of the year nominations page. Do YOU have a […]

Bloggers Old & New

16 Sep

Lately a few of our close friends in the blogging community have posted about feeling the loss of our community.  We too have felt it.  We started mysexlifewithlola back in March of 2011.  2011!!!  We can’t believe it.  When we started, somehow – either we found them or they found us – we became part […]


15 Sep

“And how was your night?” I asked. “Good,” she almost sang, enigmatically. I took the bait. “What did you do?” Oh how I wished that I wasn’t just talking to her over the phone from so far away, but that I was with her, in bed, having our usual pillow talk. “I had dinner with […]


1 Sep

  Sitting up in bed, propped up on the three pillows between my back and the headboard, I read a draft of a story for the blog to Lo during which she was simultaneously jillin’ it and laughing her head off. When she caught her breath, she said to me, “You know, I’m really funny.” […]

Attention Slut

24 Aug

“No!” she said. “Come on. One,” I pleaded. “I said no,” she repeated firmly. “Please. You look so good.” “No. No more.” This apparent role-reversal was not what you think. (I am assuming what you’re thinking, you naughty reader.) It was not that I was begging Lo for more sex the way she frequently begs […]


15 Aug

Returning home that evening, I found Lo naked on the couch looking at her computer. I assumed she was masturbating to porn. I was wrong. She looked up at me and rather than her usual soft, big brown eyes, I saw the fearsome green eyed monster staring me down. “What?!” I asked immediately. “Winkface?” she […]

Lo’s Lunch Break

1 Aug

  What is it about the forbidden that attracts us so much? What is it about the dark, the dirty, the debauched that tugs us like the gravitational pull of a black hole? The other day Lo surprised me at my office for an impromptu lunch date. I was at my desk conversing with my […]