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Cake & Bar – Interview with a Kinky Amateur Porn Couple

25 Nov

In the past we have periodically featured some letters and guest posts from some of our readers.  Because we’ve received so much mail in the past year, we are now including a regular feature of kinky letters and write-in questions.  To start us off, we begin with a lovely couple that go by the names […]

Sexy Shorts: Do You Dream In Black-and-White?

10 Sep

  Do You Dream in Black and White?     I was stuffing her full of every centimeter I had to give her when I whispered in her ear, “I’ve got a proposition for you.” “What?” “You won’t like it.” “Then don’t tell it to me.” I was taking a great risk.  I was risking […]

Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2015

2 Mar

Yay!  The indefatigable Molly, of has taken the time to take over where Rory of left off and personally slogged through literally hundreds of sex blogs (a difficult job that someone has to do – and I’m sure you people reading this do it daily!) in order to produce the “Top 100 Sex […]

Who are you going to vote for? Lola Down, of course!

30 Jan

Which voting is more fun?  This:           or this:               VOTE NOW, VOTE OFTEN! VOTING ENDS January 31st!   I know, with the presidential election inundating the media, the last thing you want to hear is a pitch of “Vote for me!”  But this is […]

I get off to mysexlifewithlola campaign

11 Nov

We were so flattered that Emma McGowan of told the world that is one of the best erotica sites on the net that we thought you too might want to tell us what makes you hard/wet.  Here’s your chance.   This woman (Emma McGowan) gets off to       What do […]

Protected: D.I.Y.

11 Oct

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Top Sex Blogs for 2015!

11 Oct

Dear Friends, as y’all know,Rori, over at Between My Sheets, is taking nominations for the top sex bloggers of 2015.  Of course, we would love it if you would nominate!  However, we have just nominated the following list of 20 (ourselves included in the bottom spot). These are mostly bloggers whom we have known […]

Friday is Boobday!

9 Oct

Thanks again to Hy over at A Dissolute Life! Enjoy people!  

9 Best Sites For Free Erotica

6 Oct

We want to send a very BIG THANK YOU to Emma McGowan for including us on her short list of “9 Best Sites for Free Erotica, Because Porn Doesn’t Cut It For Some of Us“!!!! Lo and I were away for a long weekend (new steamy stories will be posted at a later date) and […]

Guest Post – Squirting, Masturbating, Sex

26 Feb

[A big thank you to Laura from The School of Squirt for her short and sweet submission.) What Did I Just Do? Am I Okay? I was eighteen years old, full of hormones, and still a virgin. I was all but desperate to experience my first orgasm, and that weekend, it was going to happen! […]

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