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Sexy Shorts: Scores

24 Apr

Scores   Lying in bed at night, I’m sitting up reading a book.  She’s on her back, playing with her tits – pushing them up, pulling on the nipples, looking down at them.  She says, “Do you think my breasts are pretty?” I look over at her.  “Yes.  Very much.”  I go back to reading. […]

Sexy Shorts: Letter to the Editor (A Masturbation Monday Post)

16 Jan

  Letter to the Editor     A thirty-something guy wrote to Lola saying, “H.H.’s writing about you is so amazing.  Do you read it much?” Lola told him, “H.H. reads every story to me in bed before they are published.  I masturbate to them and edit them at the same time.” He said, “That’s […]

Winky Face and a Smile!

29 Aug

So, a while ago, our dear friend Cara Thereon posted some very sexy selfies and put out a request for fans to suggest poses. We suggested she do a little “cumtribution” – her getting off to our pics/blog.  She wrote to us and very flatteringly requested some photos featuring HH.  They were duly sent and […]

Friday is Boobday at the #1 Sex Blog in the Universe!

4 Mar

Check it out!     Some past photos for the gallery:  

Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2015

2 Mar

Yay!  The indefatigable Molly, of has taken the time to take over where Rory of left off and personally slogged through literally hundreds of sex blogs (a difficult job that someone has to do – and I’m sure you people reading this do it daily!) in order to produce the “Top 100 Sex […]

Protected: Bad Ad

6 Feb

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Protected: Edging to the Break of Day

3 Jul

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Do You Have A Favorite Post From ???

18 Sep

Thanks to all of you readers who commented on the Previous Post on our Blogging Community. In the spirit of making the vast array of stars of sex blogging into a constellation, Rori over at Between My Sheets has opened up a Best Sex Blogger Post of the year nominations page. Do YOU have a […]

Morning With the Mrs. (Guest Post)

24 Jul

Dear Readers, The following lovely story of waking up comes from two of our new fans – Hubby and the Mrs. over at .  The pics are theirs too, from the inciting incident.   Well I woke up to the misses moaning so I rolled over and she was reading your blog while she […]

Protected: Jackin’ & Jillin’

18 Jul

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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