Sexy Shorts: Punctuality

28 Jan

It was one of the first really cold days in November and we went to a football game together.  When we returned home around 4:30, we were both cold.

“My hands just can’t get warm,” cried Lo.

“Put them down my pants,” I said, “I wore long johns.”

“You would,” she said as if implying something, but that didn’t stop her from putting both hands down there and cuddling my cock and balls in her chilly palms.

“Thanks,” she said.

“My pleasure.  Truly.”

We were expecting company, but not until 6:00.  After her hands warmed up, Lo began to stroke her pussy with one hand while tugging on my cock with the other.  Suddenly the doorbell rang.  “Who the hell?” I asked, upset at the interruption.  I had to hop out of bed to answer the door.  Lo stayed in bed.

It was our guests.  I felt like telling them that punctuality is a deadly sin in my book.

I popped my head in the bedroom to announce our guests to the lady of the house.  She was decidedly not impressed by their promptness.  “Whatever happened to fashionably late?!” she asked, pulling her panties up and scrounging for something to wear.

Later that night, as the company was going out the door I said, “Come again.”

After the company left, Lo said to me, “I can’t believe they came so early!  I had plans.”

“What sort of plans?”

“I was going to jill it and cum and you were going to do me and cum and I was going to jill it some more and cum again.”

“Those are the best sorts of plans.”

“Yeah. . . the best laid plans.”

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