Lusty Letters: Creative Writing Class

13 Jan

Dear H.H. and Lola,

My name is Jane and I have been reading mysexlifewithlola since your first post in 2011!  It was my first year in college when I discovered it along with a bunch of other erotica blogs.  You and some other writers inspired me to put pen to paper and write out my deepest, darkest fantasies – things that I was afraid of even thinking, let alone writing!!!

With Lola as a role-model and the seductively sensuous writing of H.H. as inspiration, I unleashed my inner slut and began penning my nocturnal imaginings.  At first it was just for myself, but, by my junior year in college, I had gained enough confidence to take a creative writing class.  When we went around the room reading our stories, I shared some of my more mild fiction.  For the most part, my colleagues and professor were supportive, though I did get a few shocked or disapproving looks from more than one of my peers.  

In my senior year, I took an advanced creative writing class and one of our assignments was to bring in an example of a living author whose genre and/or style we admired.  H.H., I brought you into class!  I read from your story “Horsing Around.”  I deliberately chose the most shocking story of yours I could find because. . . well, just because.  As I was reading it, a girlfriend of mine snapped a photo of me because she wanted to capture all the body-language of our classmates as I narrated about Lo’s longing for horse cock.  As you can see from the photo, I think the images aroused a lot of feelings from them.  My professor interrupted before the climactic scene and said we were out of time (which we weren’t).  But, after class she called me over to her desk.  I was very nervous about what she was going to say.  I looked up to her a lot and she had always encouraged me, but I thought I might have crossed a line this time.  She asked me, “Where did you get that story, Jane?  I didn’t quite hear the source.”

“It’s a blog:,” I said, nervously.

“Oh,” she said as she wrote it down in her notebook.

“Why?” I asked.

“I just needed to note it for. . . for record-keeping.  All of the student’s excerpts must be recorded,” she said.  I felt certain, however, that she went home that night to explore more of your writing.

Thanks so much Lola and H.H.



Since then I’ve started dating an older guy.  We read your blog together sitting on the bed, each of us masturbating to it.

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