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18 Sep

I have been posting on Medium for only four months now.

I just hit 3,000 followers! Thanks so much to all of you!!!

I still consider myself new to this medium — Medium. But, since I’ve been here I’ve discovered some really excellent, sexy, steamy writers.

Of course, HH is still my favorite and I post here because I want to share his stories of me with all of you. But, here are ten other Medium writers, in no particular order and without any scientific system for choice, that I have enjoyed over the brief time I’ve been around this neighborhood of the internet. The following is not based on number of claps, number of followers, or anything other than what has turned me on.

Another reason HH isn’t on this list is because I deliberately chose only female bloggers. HH is one of the only male erotica writers I read, but I love the ladies you’ll find in the list below.

If you’re a writer and think you should be on this list, maybe I just don’t know about you. Send a shoutout to me either in the comments or via email.

If you’ve been included here, please do the following: 1) Make your own Top 10 (or 5 or 3 or whatever); Include the medallion on your post/page; 3) Include a link back to this post. Thanks so much! ~ Lola

And the top ten are:

  1. Rose of MyErotica — Rose has done perhaps more than anyone to promote new erotica writers and get the word out about erotica on Medium. She’s a great writer and a generous soul.
  2. Ally Snow — Ally Snow has a unique and honest voice. She doles out advice and also is candid about her own mistakes in relationships. After reading her, you feel like you’ve sat with a close girlfriend for a coffee, chatting for a couple of hours.
  3. Mimi Bordeaux — A direct writer who comes at you straight on, though she’s far from straight! Her writing is like Hemingway if Hemingway was queer, a woman, and a hell of a lot more sexy!
  4. Vienna De Vega — A smart, witty writer who also is an avid reader and an unabashed enthusiast of all things kink.
  5. Kris Gage — I don’t know how old Kris is, but she has an old soul in the best sort of way. She speaks about love and relationships from a well of experience, both good and bad. Her insights into Buddhism are definitely worth reading.
  6. Madelaine Hanson — A witty, take-no-prisoners writer who is prolific and poignant. A staunch feminist with a pen!
  7. Jessica Wildfire — The professor is in and everyone is hot for teacher! Jessica’s writing is steamy and occasionally she shares amusing anecdotes from the trenches of higher education.
  8. Stoya — You may know her from porn, but she has always been one of the most well-read, intelligent, and feminist voices in the industry. Lately, to the benefit of us all, she has been using her voice by writing a lot. Anyone who can cite Bataille in a blog post on sex deserves kudos!
  9. Lacey Divine — Writing on open relationships, sex work, and orgasms. Can’t beat that!
  10. Alexis McCall — A hotwife, like yours truly, who writes about all different aspects of these complex relationships. Prolific, insightful, and a great resource!

These are only the top ten of literally hundreds of great writers out there. I apologize if I’ve left you out. For more great suggestions, just look at my “following” list.



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