Spring Showers

19 Sep

It was a beautiful springtime afternoon.  After about three days of storm clouds, rain, wind, and cold temperatures (one should not have to wear a scarf in May!), finally the gray skies gave way to blue and that round, yellow orb appeared.  What’s that thing called?  Oh yeah, the sun!  Birds began singing, and for the first time I realized that the tulips, azaleas, forsythia, dogwoods, and magnolias had bloomed!  Could it be?  Had the April showers that didn’t respect the calendar finally give way to the May flowers?  I was so delighted I decided to leave work early and speed home.  I was hoping to meet Lo just as she arrived from her job so we could take a walk together and enjoy this miraculous occurrence.

I got home, not expecting anyone to be there yet.  I made for the bedroom to change out of my suit and tie and put on comfortable walking pants and sneakers.  I opened the bedroom door, only to shock both myself and Lo who was lying on the bed, pants around her ankles, knees up, giant dildo between her legs held by one hand, her phone held in the other hand as she intently stared at the screen and let out a scream.  It was a bit ambiguous, for her scream began as a scream of surprise at my unexpected arrival, but morphed into a scream of climax as she pulled the dildo out of her puss and squirted on the bed, her knees shaking, her tum writhing.

Holding the dildo in her hand victoriously, she smiled at me and said, “Welcome home Daddio!”

“Hi,” I said, confused.  “You’re home early.”

“So are you,” she retorted.

“I thought I’d meet you at home when you got here so we could go for a walk.  It’s so nice out.”

“Fuck me.”

“What about the walk?”

“Fuck me first.  I’m all ready for you.”

I removed my clothes and stood in front of her by the foot of the bed.

“You know, Daddy, that the blinds are open and the windows are open,” she said.


“So the neighbors can see you.”

“Do you want me to shut the blinds?”

“No, I’m just pointing out that you’re blocking their view of me.”

“Oh,” I said, a bit confused.  “Would you like to ride me reverse cowboy so they have a better angle.”

“Yes.  Then I can see them too.”

I got on the bed, lying on my back, and Lo slid her dripping snatch down on my pole.  I could see her sexy ass and back from my vantage point.  I saw one hand reach for her tits and the other reach for her phone.

“What were you looking at?”

“When?” she asked, not really thinking about my question.

“When you were jillin’ it.  When do you think?”

“Nothing Daddy.”

“Don’t tell me nothing,” I said as she bounced up and down.  “What are you looking at now?”

“Nothing Daddy.”

“Lo, I’ll put an end to this little romp right now if you don’t tell me.”

“Fine, but you’ll laugh.”




“Here, Daddy, I’ll show you.  Slide up.”

We maneuvered on the bed from the reverse cowboy position to doggy-style.  She was on her knees and elbows as I was riding behind her.  She held up the screen of the phone so I could see.  I didn’t have my glasses on, so it was a bit blurry.

“What is that?”

“That’s a penis, if you can believe it.”

“It is?”

“Yeah.  I told you you’d laugh.  It’s so small and tiny it’s hardly recognizable.”

“That’s what got you off?”

“I’m sorry Daddy,” she said.

“You don’t have to apologize.  I’m just confused.”

“Can you fuck me a little harder?” she asked.  In my puzzlement, I had sort of forgot what I was doing for her.  I thrusted with more vigor.

“Why were you looking at that?”

“It’s a fan, Daddy.  He has a little member.  He can only masturbate with his thumb and index finger.  And he cums within seconds.”

“I thought you liked monster cocks!”

“Oh, I do!” she said, “But I also like thinking about the novelty of this.  Could you imagine if he put that in my mouth while you were fucking me like this?  How easy it would be to tease and lick, suck and take in my mouth.  I could take his cock and balls easy!”

Now she was cumming and cumming hard.  When she cums like that, her powerful convulsions are so strong that she shoots me right out despite my best efforts to stay in.  That’s what happened this time.  I was so turned on that I grabbed my cock and was ready to blow.  She knew it and she swung around and opened her mouth and put out her tongue as if to say, “Fire at will!”  I did and it went everywhere.  She was covered.

She sat back and blindly reached out her hands for a towel.  When I recovered my composure, I got it for her.  She wiped herself off and said, “Thank you, Daddy.  I’m so glad you can always give me what I want.”

“Not always,” I remarked.

“Well, you always let me have what I want.”

“That’s true.”

She went to the bathroom and cleaned off and when she returned, I asked, “How about that walk?”

“Can we fuck just once more?”

“Lo, I’m down for the count,” I said, looking at my limp, long pleasure part.

“Fine,” she said.  “You get ready, I’ll be right out.”

I put on some comfortable clothes and went outside and sat in the lawn chair next to the house.  The beautiful day had enticed the neighbors to come outside and clip some hedges.  As I sat there, we all could hear Lola’s screams from inside the bedroom window.

“OH!  FUCK!  OH!  Fuck fuck fuck!”

I smiled nervously at the neighbors and waved and said, “She must have stubbed her toe.”

Mercifully, Lo’s howls were brief and when she came outside wearing her slutty shorts, I could see the neighbors’ judgments as if they were in thought-bubbles above their heads.  Both Lo and I received their condemnation as a compliment.

We started on our walk and about two blocks down the street Lo stopped.  She looked up at me, motionless for a moment.  Her knees were pressed up against each other as she held onto my arm for support.

“Lo, are you ok?” I asked.

She raised her index finger so as to say, “Give me one second.”

I waited.

“We have to turn back,” she said.

“Why?  What’s wrong?”  I was very worried.

“I just squirted, again.”

She turned around and, walking up the hill, I could see her blue-jean cutoffs were soaked in the crotch and it was dripping down her inner thigh.

We scampered home and waved at the neighbors nervously as we slipped in the front door.

So much for the end of April showers.


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  1. Elliott Henry September 23, 2017 at 6:09 pm #

    Fun story. That reminds me, I haven’t shown Lola my cock for some time now. It was one of my first posts when I started my blog.

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