Nevertheless, She Persisted

21 May

Nevertheless, She Persisted


It had been a long forty-eight hours.  It began with a business meeting out of town on Thursday morning.  It continued with a red-eye flight back Thursday night.  It concluded with a quick shower Friday morning, a change of suit, a coffee, a peck on the cheek hello to Lo as she slept, and then off to the office for back-to-back-to-back meetings all day Friday.  The fact that we were in the middle of a heat-wave didn’t help any of that.

Finally, around seven o’clock I returned home, sweat stains under my arms on my white dress shirt.  I stripped out of my suit, took a cool, refreshing shower, and changed into a t-shirt and pj bottoms.  I told Lo I was too tired even to eat dinner.  She pouted, but she understood.

I got into bed, the windows open with a gentle breeze blowing.  Before long, lying there on my back, hands behind my head, I had dozed off.  It couldn’t have been much later than eight or nine.

Lo, of course, was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed awake.  I heard her in the bed next to me.  I saw the blue glow of her computer screen as she tried to watch something unobtrusively with her earbuds in.

I heard her toss, I heard her turn and her presence weaved in and out of my dreams.  At some point I heard her in the shower.  Then I felt her in the bed next to me again.

A little later I detected her unbuttoning the crotch of my pj bottoms.

“No,” I said firmly from my light sleep.  She continued.  “Lo, no.”  She was undaunted.  “Lo, I said NO!”

Her hand was already in, her fingertips gently caressing my flaccid member.  I said nothing because the soft strokes felt good.

I then felt her tongue on the tip.  I was still soft.  I felt her lips envelope my whole organ.  I felt her tug and pull up and then get her mouthful as she went back down, her head bobbing with the motions.

I could hear her right hand slapping her pussy lips.  Then I could hear her hand plunging in and out of her puss with a splosh as she fisted herself, or so I imagined in my dreamlike state.

Soon she had crawled on top of me and was rubbing her pussy up and down my stiff cock.  I could feel her dripping down on me.

“Please, Daddy,” she begged.

I made no response.  She reached down between her legs and grabbed me and directed my shaft inside her.

My hands involuntarily reached up and squeezed her midriff.  “What are you?” I asked from my torpor.

“Horny,” she said.

“What are you?” I asked again as my hands kneaded her belly.

“Eager and wet.”

“What are you?” I asked a third time.

“I don’t know Daddy.”

“It starts with a ‘p-h,’” I said.

“Phenomenal,” she said.

“Try again.”



“What, Daddy?”

“Say it.  Say it for me.”



“Phat, for whom?”

“Phat for you, Daddy.”

“Good girl.”

She came all over my pj bottoms.

She then pulled up and off of me.  I thought that I was now free to return to my regularly scheduled programming – sleep and dreams.

“Get behind me and fuck your phat girl,” she commanded.

“Lo,” I began, as if begging to be relieved of duty.

“Get back there, Daddy.  I need it.”

I got behind her and slid in with ease.

“You’re so big, so wet, so loose,” I said.

“I know Daddy.  I’m so horny.  I’ve been masturbating all night.  I even took a shower to cum again.  I thought that would be it, but I need you.  I need your cock.”

“I can hardly feel you,” I said.

“I can hardly feel you,” she replied.

“Do you want me to put on my sheath?” I asked.

“No, Daddy.  I just want you, even if I can’t feel you.”  As if oblivious of what she just said, she then added, “If I had two cocks in me, then I might feel something.”

“I’m willing to share,” I said.  She came again to that thought.  Her pussy squeezed tight on my cock and pushed me right out, as she usually does in that position.

“Get back in,” she commanded.

I did as told.  I penetrated her as deeply as I could go and she let out a little moan, saying, “That’s it, Daddy.  Stay nice and deep.”

I could feel her Kegel muscles constricting around me.

“I think only a big dog with a good knot would be able to stay in you.”

With that one line, she came again, shooting me out again.

“Fuck me and fuck me fast and furious,” she commanded again.

I entered her and began thrusting in rapid fire.  I could hear and feel the splashing.  My heart rate was no longer a calm sixty beats per minute as it had been only moments ago when I was asleep.  I was up and awake now.

“Slow down!” she called.  “Stop!”

“What?  Why?” I asked, genuinely puzzled.

“I’ll squirt.”

I thrusted again as I said, “Good, I want you to squirt like a fountain.”

“No, Daddy,” she said, but it was too late.  She was squirting uncontrollably.  But she didn’t cum.  She was too wet, too slippery.  She didn’t stop squirting.  She tried to escape by crawling forward, but I didn’t let her.  I followed close behind.  She was no longer in control of her body.

“That’s a girl!” I said.

She reached both hands down between her legs to try to stop the geyser, but to no avail.

There was only one way for her to put an end to this hostile takeover of her body and she knew it and used it.

“Don’t cum, Daddy,” she said.  “Don’t cum!  Whatever you do, just don’t fucking cum.”

I pulled out and stood over her and came with as much force and power as she had all over her back.

“Never fails,” she said from beneath me.  “Now, clean me up and hurry, get some new bedding.”

After changing the sheets and blankets, throwing my pj bottoms and t-shirt in the laundry and lying back down in bed, her head on my chest, she asked, “Did you like that, Daddy?”

“Yes, little girl,” I said.

“What did you like?”

“How horny you were.  Why were you so horny?”

“I missed you.”

“Lo,” I said, skeptical.

“I missed you and I was watching naughty movies.”

“And so you thought it was ok to fuck me even though I was asleep?”

“I’m sorry, Daddy.  But you liked it?”

“Yes, ultimately.”

“What did you like?”

“Your persistence.”

“Nevertheless, she persisted,” she said.

“Well-behaved women seldom make history,” I responded.

“In bed,” she quipped.

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  1. A54 May 22, 2017 at 2:16 pm #

    I would love to be woken up like that. And I wouldn’t mind changing the sheets at all. No matter how tired I was.

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