Sexy Shorts: Do You Dream In Black-and-White?

10 Sep


Do You Dream in Black and White?



I was stuffing her full of every centimeter I had to give her when I whispered in her ear, “I’ve got a proposition for you.”


“You won’t like it.”

“Then don’t tell it to me.”

I was taking a great risk.  I was risking the moment.  I was risking violating her trust.  I was risking an explosion.  But, I thought, who knows how it will turn out?

Cara wrote a post today,” I began, still whispering in her ear and slowly moving in and out of her puss.


“And she said that she can’t find the porn she’s looking for.”

“What is she looking for?”

I could feel Lo tensing up a bit.  “She wants to see a white man with a black woman – something classy, something suggestive, something sexy.”


“Cause she can’t find what she’s looking for, she’s looking for someone to make it with her.”


“And what would you think if I helped her out and you took the photos?”

Lo suddenly became quiet.  Was this the end or just the beginning?

“She wants a white guy to work with.  You could pose us and. . .”

“No,” was all she said and then she came.

I was still inside her.  “You like the idea, don’t you?” I asked.


She came again.

“You want to take those pics, get jealous of her with me.  It turns you on, doesn’t it?”

“NO!”  She came again.  These were little orgasms, however.  She was building up to something extraordinary in her head.

“Do you find her sexy?” I asked.


“Would it upset you?”


“Would it excite you?”


“Would you do it?”

“Did you ask her already?”

“I did.”


“She said she’d only do it if you are willing.  She likes you too much to upset you.”

“So she likes you too?”

“I guess so.  Are you willing?”

She didn’t answer.  She just said, “Flip me over.”

I did as she wished.

“Fuck.  Me.  Hard!” she said in time to my thrusts.  And then, there it was – her explosive orgasm.

When she was done and lying on the bed catching her breath and I was lying next to her, she asked, “What are you going to tell her?”

I’m going to ask her when she’s free for a photo shoot.”

“Do you think she’s ever been with a woman?”

“I don’t know.  I know she writes about it.”

“Find out.”


“I’ve got some ideas.”


[P.S. – Thank you Cara!  See you soon, in living color!!!]


3 Responses to “Sexy Shorts: Do You Dream In Black-and-White?”

  1. Cara Thereon September 10, 2016 at 8:59 pm #

    Ooo! I wonder what her ideas are? Now I’m curious and excited

  2. Vista September 14, 2016 at 12:00 am #

    Naughty naughty and oh so jealous! xxoo

  3. vestido minnie November 28, 2016 at 6:59 am #

    Sometimes, interracial maybe good.

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