Morning With the Mrs. (Guest Post)

24 Jul

Dear Readers,

The following lovely story of waking up comes from two of our new fans – Hubby and the Mrs. over at .  The pics are theirs too, from the inciting incident.


Well I woke up to the misses moaning so I rolled over and she was reading your blog while she was pushing one of her toys to the limit. Not to be out done I slowly pulled it out of her and climbed between her legs and with my tongue brought her to climax while she enjoyed more of your blog. She continued to read as I lifted her legs and started to pound her. She started to wrap her legs tighter but never stopped looking at your blog. I flipped her over and started to take her from behind. She came again and I still couldn’t take her eyes off the IPad. I grabbed her hair and pulled her to me and pounded harder than ever. Finally, now having her attention, I heard her scream, “My mouth, finish in my mouth daddy.” I spun her around and she dropped to her knees and took all of me in her mouth. She pushed against the wall as I came and she told me to be a good husband and to grab the phone and thank you. I’ll post more photos after we get all cleaned up for work.
















A BIG thanks to the two of you for the hot story!


And apparently later, Hubby jacked it to Lo’s photos without the Mrs. and sent the Mrs. this pic to make her jealous!








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  1. loat July 24, 2014 at 8:48 am #

    Very awesome! Now i will be getting off to you getting off to lola getting off. 🙂

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