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25 Feb

The Best Toys for Couples  banner-570toys

When most of us think of sex toys, we often make a distinction between toys for women and toys for men. Devices like vibrators are typically associated with women while Ben Wa Balls and butt plugs are usually identified as male sex toys. While these toys are the most popular for solo acts, they can be (and frequently are) used by couples. In fact, sex toys can be beneficial to just about any relationship as they can enhance your current sexual routine and turn you and your partner on to new things.

Yes, vibrators and dildos are amazing sexual accouterments, but there are plenty of other incredible toys out there that will make you both come like you’ve never come before. With so many stimulating products available to couples, you may find it difficult to decide what toys would work best in your relationship. Here are a few good stimulating sexual enhancement devices to get you started.

Cock Rings

While this device can be used by a man on his own, it’s best when used with a partner. Guys, simply slip the device on your cock and let your lady go to town. The ring shape of this toy makes it easy for the user to slide it down to the base of his shaft until it fits snugly around his rock hard cock. This causes blood restriction, which makes for harder and longer-lasting erections. Another wonderful aspect of the cock ring: it comes in a range of colors and some even vibrate, which can create an even more intense orgasm.

Ben Wa Balls

Although they were created for vaginal stimulation, Ben Wa Balls are commonly thought to be a product used for anal stimulation known as anal beads. Divine Caroline notes that Ben Wa Balls have been around for centuries, however; but it wasn’t until erotic novels like Fifty Shades of Grey introduced this old sex accessory to the mainstream that Ben Wa Balls really began to get noticed. Adam & Eve reports that sales of Ben Wa Balls have increased by 350% since becoming the latest sex toy craze. This kinky little toy is not only fantastic for enhancing sexual pleasure, it’s also an excellent tool for strengthening a woman’s pubococcygeus (or PC) muscles and is often recommended for muscle training. It’s recommended that women start off with a large Ben Wa Ball and downgrade to a smaller one as they build up their PC muscles. Ladies, use this product to exercise those muscles while experiencing a mind-blowing, toe-curling O.

Sex Swing

A sex swing is a must for any couple looking to heighten their sex play. This is another product that can be used alone, but is best for two. Hang this baby from the ceiling or mount it between two A-frame like stands and let the fun begin. Not only does this toy allow you to swing away with your mate while simultaneously having sex, it also enables you to remain supported while switching from position to position (many of which aren’t easily accomplished in a bed). Remember to do your research on how to properly install this brilliant apparatus before you make your purchase.

The Sqweel

With its 10 odd rotating “tongues,” this strange looking device resembles a product more akin to something you’d find in your kitchen, not your goodie drawer. However, the Frisky writes that the Sqweel is the perfect toy to use on the lady who loves nothing more than having a tongue titillate her. Use this to get her started, then finish her off with your own talented tongue.

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