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7 Oct

[Dear Readers, not long ago Lo got a lovely e-mail from a new kinkster who had just found our blog.  She said, “I just found your blog a few days ago and am smitten!  I stayed up all night last night reading post after post about all your sexcapades and about Hunter!  To say the blog is HOOOOT is an understatement!”  Well, to say that I was flattered is an understatement.  This lovely fan, whom you might know through her comments as “Not As Innocent As They Think,” had lots to say about her blossoming sexual curiosity and Lo encouraged her to write a guest post because she was so articulate and erotic in her e-mails.  Here is her submission.  NAIATT is pondering the prospect of creating her own blog.  If you could give her some comments and some love, it would be much appreciated.  Without any further adieu. . .]




I bought a CD yesterday.  I was looking for speakers for my laptop and wandered into the CD aisle.  There in the bargain section I found one I’d had as a teen:  The Scorpions with the songs Rock You Like a Hurricane; No One Like You;  Still Loving You; Tease Me, Please Me; and Wind of Change.  I paid for my purchase and rushed to my truck.  I couldn’t get the plastic off quick enough.  I was wanting, BAD, like a horny teenage boy who can’t get the condom wrapper off fast enough.  I started my truck and slid the disc in, and soon, the familiar, hot, heavy music filled the air and transformed me into that horny 18 year old girl of my youth.  I closed my eyes and shivered, remembering my recurring fantasy.

When I was 18, I regularly babysat for this little brown haired boy.  I went to church with him and his mom.  “Daddy” was ALWAYS the one who picked me up.  He was young, mid to late-20’s, if I had to guess.  He was in the military, tall, dark hair, handsome, and muscular with sexy blue eyes.  He always smelled heavenly, strike that.  Heavenly makes this man sound like an angel, but he could only be compared to a Hell’s Angel.  In my eyes, he was the king of bad boys.  He smelled sexy, ravishing, hot, musky, wanted, and taken.  Taken is the best smell a man can have.  Taken smells so much better, so much stronger than anything else.  —Moan–  Being unavailable makes a man smell, oh so heavenly – there’s that word again.

He was alluring in anything he wore.  Most times, it was a dark t-shirt, tight fitting jeans that showed what he packed beneath them, and black steel-toed boots.   This man was cool beyond words, even had the car to match: a jet black Camaro.  Purr…  The growl of the engine made me hot.  Sooo hot.  When he came to pick me up, he would turn the stereo down before opening the door to greet me and my mom or dad (whomever came out to see me off).  Once I was in the car, seat belt on, and my parents inside, he cranked the music.  It was at a deafening level.  The beat of bass, pounding the seats… making me hot and wet.  It was hard to breathe.  He was the master of his stick…jamming it into each gear with ease, with grace, with a force that was… sexy.  I couldn’t sit still.  I shifted uncomfortably in the seat.  He sped down the street, shifting, changing lanes without effort.  I closed my eyes, put my head against the rest and held on tight.  I drifted into my daydream easily.

We pulled onto a dark street and I wondered where we were going.  The street light was out, and all I could see were the headlights of his Camaro.  The engine roared loudly on the deserted road.  He pulled off the street and put it in park.  The Scorpians, “No One Like You” played on the stereo, the beat consuming me.  He took off his seat belt and turned toward me.  Unbuckling my seat belt, he leaned in, looked longingly, into my eyes, pulled me close and began to kiss me slowly, passionately.  My heartbeat quickened, and I felt it everywhere: my lips, my arms, my groin.  I got so wet, for a moment I thought I’d wet myself.  He pulled back and looked into my eyes, searching, asking, without words.  I leaned in slightly and opened my mouth and closed my eyes.  I couldn’t speak, I was so wanton.  He understood everything I didn’t say, and in a moment, he had slid my seat back as far as it would go, and laid me down.  Like a wolf after prey, he swiftly pulled my dress up and my panties down.  He slid a finger in my wet pussy and grinned, licking his lips.  I shivered.  It felt so good to finally feel his touch.  He bent down and began to lick and gently bite my clit, and then stuck his tongue in me.  I wiggled beneath him, knowing for sure that I would orgasm quickly if he didn’t stop.  But, oh, I didn’t want him to stop.  He caressed my thighs with his strong, rough hands while he ravished me with his tongue.  I moaned loudly in ecstasy and then blushed, embarrassed. He took a deep breath and shook.  “That’s it baby, let me hear you,” he growled.  With a renewed vengeance, he plunged his tongue even deeper, biting me gently, and began to finger me.  It was all too much.  I really wanted to feel his cock inside me.  I could feel his hard dick pressing into my leg.  I reached down and stroked it through his jeans.  He pushed away and pulled off his shirt.  Oh. My. God… he was perfect, complete with a six pack and hard nipples.  He groaned, pulled a condom from his pocket and ripped it open with his teeth.  In a moment, he pulled his zipper down and freed his enormous cock.  I gasped, wide-eyed at the sight of it and at the size.  He was a good ten inches from head to balls.  He stealthily rolled the condom on.  It barely fit.  I couldn’t believe the size.  My mouth watered, I wanted it inside me – every last inch.  Sensing my need, he climbed onto me and ever so gentle positioned the head at the entrance to my glistening, moist pussy.   He paused and looked into my eyes as if to ask permission.  I closed my eyes in anticipation.  I nodded and mouthed “yes.”  I opened my eyes to see a wild, sexy look in his eyes as he slowly plunged his cock into me.  I cried out in pain, pleasure.  My whole body shook with desire as he found a delicious rhythm.  He pounded me harder, faster, grunting, groaning, growling his pleasure.  I could feel the tension building in my loins, and could tell he was close too.  He came loudly, Uggghhhhh, slowing his pace, his body stiffening.  He began rubbing my clit hard and fast, slowly sliding in and out, and I came, with a scream of pleasure, my whole body shaking.  He slid out of me and pulled off the condom.  I bent quickly and licked the cum off his glistening cock. It  was salty, different, not as bad as I’d expected.  I had only ever tasted myself.  His whole body shivered and he gently pushed me away.  “It’s just too sensitive,” he said.  I sat back in my seat, dejected, and apologized.  He shook his head and took a deep breath, “Don’t be sorry.  This was wonderful.  I can’t wait until you babysit again.”  I smiled coyly and blushed, “Me too Daddy.”

“Yes Daddy,” I said, as I snapped out of my daydream to the sound of him talking.  “What?” He grinned and said, “are you ok?”  “Yes, I’m sorry!”  I blushed, realizing I had called him Daddy out loud.  He smiled and winked, turned the music up and drove to his house where I babysat his 2 year old while he and his wife went out.

Once I got home, I wished he was there.  I touched and rubbed myself in my bedroom, thinking of him, and had the best orgasm ever.  I had no trouble falling asleep that night, or any night I babysat for him.

5 Responses to “Guest Post – Wish You Were Here”

  1. Cara Thereon October 8, 2013 at 7:39 am #

    Now that’s some sexy naughtiness. Nice

    • Not As Innocent as They Think October 8, 2013 at 7:51 am #

      Why, thank you Cara! 😉

  2. HunterS October 8, 2013 at 5:42 pm #

    “Taken is the best smell a man can have”…love that….
    excellent story!

    • Not As Innocent as They Think October 9, 2013 at 9:13 am #

      I really appreciate that Hunter. 🙂

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